Since 1950s, Swiss Pharmaceutical has emphasized on the value of quality and focused on developing better and safer medications with the latest technologies to advance the care and service for our customers. We have excellent R&D team to deliver your needs and beyond. After being PIC/S GMP certified in 2012, we plan to expand our scope of sales into China, USA, Europe and worldwide.

● Contract manufacturing and inspection of Cephlosporin power injection, oral and topical medications, ointments, suppositories, molding agents (pills, capsules, pellets).
● Development, research, license application, and manufacture of BE drugs (generic drugs).
● Application for the transfer of drug import permits into domestic permits (including authorizations by original permit holder) as well as contract manufacturing.
● Contract manufacturing, sale and distribution of pharmaceutical products from both domestic and overseas pharmaceutical corporations.
● Licensed pharmaceutical products (including BE) not yet available on the market. We welcome domestic distributors.
● Buying, selling and transfer of permits for drugs that are yet to be released on the market, and post-transfer contract manufacturing services.
Swiss Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd. has the following unique technological platforms for the use in contract manufacturing that provides our clients a competitive edge in the market.
● Matrix Device
● Delayed Release Device
● Multiple Pores Film Device
● Bi-Layer Tablet Device
● Matrix and Film Coating Device
● Osmotic Pump Device
● Repeated Release Device
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